Happened to you ?

You are invited to hunt wildboar in a friend's hunting area. Shortly after nightfall you see a shootable boar moving through the underbrush. Before it disappears you are able to get off a shot, however the pig did not react to the shot ?

At the end of the hunt you take your flashlight and start searching for blood to confirm if you hit the boar. However, the rain that has fallen after you had shot has eliminated all traces of blood...

The animal may be laying dead within a 100 meters. But you are not sure you even hit it ? That alone makes for a sleepless night, knowing also that you'll have to return the next morning.

Today, BlueStar® will help you in the dark to confirm your shot and possibly to find the animal or make arrangements for a bloodhound the next morning.

Customer Reviews



Light blood trail ? Or a piece of mind, BUY THIS !

From Cabela's web site, September 24, 2007


BlueStar blood revealing spray does exactly that : reveals blood. We tracked a deer for 1/2 mile before kicking it up, of course no blood after that. We went home and got my BlueStar. One spray were we lost blood and the whole ground lit up. We turned our flashlights back on and looked. Oh yeah !! There is a spot of blood there (pin drop size). 50 yards further we found the deer. My buddy I heard this product from said he used it after shooting a deer a month earlier and found that deer.

My only complaint would be the directions say to put water in the sprayer and drop two tablets in. Doesn't say how much. So I filled the sprayer and the blood was not showing up real bright. I could see it good but not neon. Then I read the directions on the tablet package. Says to use 4 oz of water, I had 8 oz. after I switched it to 4 0z it worked great. I gave it four stars instead of five only because of that.


By J. Scotty, Wisconsin



Also for Forensic use
For crime investigations, we have developped a special formula : "BLUESTAR® Forensic"

Contrarily to the BlueStar® shown here for hunting purposes, BLUESTAR® Forensic does not destroy DNA. It is available in two versions for crime scene investigators and labs.

BLUESTAR® Forensic


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