Happened to you ?

You are invited to hunt wildboar in a friend's hunting area. Shortly after nightfall you see a shootable boar moving through the underbrush. Before it disappears you are able to get off a shot, however the pig did not react to the shot ?

At the end of the hunt you take your flashlight and start searching for blood to confirm if you hit the boar. However, the rain that has fallen after you had shot has eliminated all traces of blood...

The animal may be laying dead within a 100 meters. But you are not sure you even hit it ? That alone makes for a sleepless night, knowing also that you'll have to return the next morning.

Today, BlueStar® will help you in the dark to confirm your shot and possibly to find the animal or make arrangements for a bloodhound the next morning.

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User's Comments : I am not sure I would have found this deer without the BlueStar.
on 2009/3/18 18:00:00 (2095 reads)

After not seeing anything in the woods with allot of hours in the stand, I finally nailed one during the 4th week of bow season. I decided to go out at the last minute. At about 4:15 this skipper came in eating apples off the tree. I had a clear shot, but knew that a doe was always with it along with another skipper. Then from behind a pine tree the doe stepped out and started over. I was in a pop up blind against some pines but she knew it didn’t belong and something was up. She was only about 40 yards away, but looking at me straight on. She would not come in and just bobbed her head.. The kiss of death. The skipper started getting nervous so I took the shot. Then it was my 1st NY deer all over again.. the rain started coming. The deer ran down hill but doubled back to head to the doe. It was not in view so I would not have known this. I was initially looking for it in the wrong area, but we found the arrow where it broke off and then tracks. Anyway.. the blood light I had did not show anything, but the rain diluted all the blood. So I gathered all my gear and dropped it off at the truck giving it time to get darker.

I was getting worried that I could not find any blood. I had some BlueStar that I bought in the truck. I then mixed the BlueStar and still could not get blood under the tree where I hit him. I tracked the deer by the tracks that were dug in thru to the dirt, but then we lost the tracks. I then found indents in the grass areas and knew the direction it went. I figured it went thru the stone wall in one of two areas. I picked the correct one 1st. I sprayed the BlueStar and the branches and stones had blood drops glowing. Nothing major just spatterings. We were amazed how well this stuff worked after/during the rain.

I kept spraying and had glowing. The amount increased over time. Then huge areas would glow. We would try and see the blood with a light and NOTHING. Some of the spots were so large that glowed with no visible blood when a light was used that I thought something else was triggering the glow. Although I did remember my cousin saying that he had the same thing when he used it to find the deer his dad arrowed. Anyway with such large glowing areas I thought something was off so I told thought that I would have to come back in the morning. I had brought one of the 1M candlepower lights with me so before I left I gave a quick look around and about 10 yards away lay the dead button buck. It was a lung shot and with the rain and aspirated blood no sign could be seen with a regular light or blood light, but huge areas lit up with the BlueStar blood finding agent.

I am not sure if I would have found this deer without the BlueStar, not before coyotes got it anyway. This product is as claims and is excellent. I would recommend it be carried in all hunters daypacks.

January 4, 2009 - By Steve, from Cabela's web site

User's Comments : This stuff Really WORKS!!!
on 2008/8/28 20:10:00 (2307 reads)

This stuff will work just as it says it does. Will it give a "false positive"? Yes it can. BUT you can easily learn how to interpret a false positive from a real one. Take the time to go back to first blood and lay down a spray or two and notice what happens. (caution, you may want to wear sun glasses!) You will notice that there is a VERY bright blue. This is due to the reaction of the luminol with the hemoglobin in the blood. Hemoglobin contains trace ammounts of iron (Fe) and this is what the luminol is actually reacting to. What gives its distinctive blue glow is the amount of iron in the blood. Depending on where you live, certain native vegitation also contain iron and will react to the luminol however with a very faint glow compared to blood. Just remember this phrase "If it's faint, it aint, if its bright the prize is in sight!

By bassbuck, Iowa, from Cabela's web site, August 19, 2008

User's Comments : This product works as advertised
on 2008/8/28 20:10:00 (2053 reads)

This product works as advertised. With it I was able to find small drops of blood that I was unable to see without it.

By NDBowhunter, Massachusetts, from Cabela's web site, January 7, 2008

User's Comments : I am very impressed with your product
on 2007/11/15 22:50:00 (3120 reads)

... I am very impressed with your product and have personally used it to find animals. Needless to say I have demonstrated and told everyone I know that is a bowhunter about your product....
November 14, 2007 - Matt / Ohio

User's Comments : To let you know how awesome I think your product is.
on 2007/10/21 22:50:00 (1844 reads)


Just wanted to let you know how awesome I think your product is. I used it to track a deer in early bow season in Kentucky. To be honest I didn't think it would work but I was wrong. I could even see the path my arrow took after it passed through the deer, I was amazed. It worked flawlessly!

October 21, 2007 - Lonnie / Kentucky

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Also for Forensic use
For crime investigations, we have developped a special formula : "BLUESTAR® Forensic"

Contrarily to the BlueStar® shown here for hunting purposes, BLUESTAR® Forensic does not destroy DNA. It is available in two versions for crime scene investigators and labs.

BLUESTAR® Forensic


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