Happened to you ?

You are invited to hunt wildboar in a friend's hunting area. Shortly after nightfall you see a shootable boar moving through the underbrush. Before it disappears you are able to get off a shot, however the pig did not react to the shot ?

At the end of the hunt you take your flashlight and start searching for blood to confirm if you hit the boar. However, the rain that has fallen after you had shot has eliminated all traces of blood...

The animal may be laying dead within a 100 meters. But you are not sure you even hit it ? That alone makes for a sleepless night, knowing also that you'll have to return the next morning.

Today, BlueStar® will help you in the dark to confirm your shot and possibly to find the animal or make arrangements for a bloodhound the next morning.

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User's Comments : I am truly impressed with your product!!!
on 2007/10/14 22:50:00 (1632 reads)


I am truly impressed with your product!!! I had an opportunity to use it last night to help a friend trail a deer. It showed us blood we could not see with the naked eye!! I have a home based hunting business, and I am interested in promoting your product and becoming a dealer. Please advise as to how to go about this.

Thank you very much for your time.

Octobre 15, 2007 - Denna Page / Maine

User's Comments : Bluestar Blood Spray
on 2007/10/1 22:50:00 (2188 reads)


Bluestar Blood Spray

From Cabela's web site, October 1, 2007


I bought this product last week and tried it out this weekend. We tracked a big buck and this definitely helped. After we lost blood and didn' t know which way the buck turned, I would spray this on the ground and it would show up fluorescent blue as long as their was no lights shining on it. It would pick up little specs of blood I couldn't even see with the naked eye. I put one foil packet for 4 ounces of water and it seemed to work fine. I am excited to use this in the future!!

By npockat32 from Marion, WI

User's Comments : Light blood trail ? Or a piece of mind, BUY THIS !
on 2007/9/24 22:50:00 (8431 reads)



Light blood trail ? Or a piece of mind, BUY THIS !

From Cabela's web site, September 24, 2007


BlueStar blood revealing spray does exactly that : reveals blood. We tracked a deer for 1/2 mile before kicking it up, of course no blood after that. We went home and got my BlueStar. One spray were we lost blood and the whole ground lit up. We turned our flashlights back on and looked. Oh yeah !! There is a spot of blood there (pin drop size). 50 yards further we found the deer. My buddy I heard this product from said he used it after shooting a deer a month earlier and found that deer.

My only complaint would be the directions say to put water in the sprayer and drop two tablets in. Doesn't say how much. So I filled the sprayer and the blood was not showing up real bright. I could see it good but not neon. Then I read the directions on the tablet package. Says to use 4 oz of water, I had 8 oz. after I switched it to 4 0z it worked great. I gave it four stars instead of five only because of that.


By J. Scotty, Wisconsin



User's Comments : Field Test from Carol Watson, Advanced Archery NZ
on 2007/5/10 3:50:00 (2061 reads)

New Products Tried and Tested and in Store Now!

I travelled to Atlanta, USA for the annual ATA Trade Show in January this year. As usual I came back with new products to test and see if they measure up to the demands of New Zealand shooters and hunters.

We've had time to do just that, the ones that made the grade are in stock now.

BlueStar Blood Finding Agent

Formulated after a special formula dedicated to criminal investigation to help search for invisible blood trace evidence on crime scenes, BlueStar® offers hunters an efficient, easy to use solution that is safe for the hunter and the environment. 

BlueStar Hunting Pack: $29.90
Includes 2 sets of tablets and a compact spray bottle.
BlueStar Refill Blister Pack: $29.90
Includes 4 applications.

While I was at D'Urville Island I had a chance to try out the BlueStar Blood Tracing 'CSI' magic. I had shot a red stag just on dark and although we found it within sight of where I'd hit it I was able to try out the BlueStar to find traces of blood in the dark.  Standing on the track that the deer had travelled on I sprayed an arc in front of me. The long grass lit up a bright fluorescent blue and glowed for a good minute or so.

The impressive thing was that when we went back the next morning we could not see any trace of blood on the long grass. The BlueStar had picked up the smallest traces that were not visible to the naked eye. You simply dissolve two tablets in 125mls of water. Any water will do, from your water bottle, a puddle, or stream. I sprayed quite liberally having a great time lighting up the path fluorescent blue. So I think one dose would get you quite a lot of tracking. I also tried the same mixture 26 hours later the following evening. It didn't glow quite as bright but it was still working. It will also work even after it has rained which is a great feature.

"In fact it's even better after it's rained
as it spreads the blood around."

I'm keeping some in my pack ready for the day I need to find an animal I've shot and not been able to track during the day or have run out of daylight to bloodtrail. I think everyone should have this product in their pack at all times. I got in the habit of leaving it in my pack no matter what time of the day I was going out as you never know how long you'll be.  A morning hunt can turn into an all day event!

Carol Watson

User's Comments : Top 10 Products from ATA 2007
on 2007/5/9 22:13:30 (9777 reads)


Top 10 Products from ATA 2007

By : Tracy Breen


Each year, when I head to the Archery Trade Show, I wonder what new and exciting things I will find. I wonder how companies are continually able to sit down at the drawing board and come up with new and exciting products, but somehow they do. This year consisted of a wide variety of new products from companies you have heard of and some new, exciting products from companies that are brand new. As I walked the show floor, I made a list of the Top Ten New Products of 2007. To make my list, the products had to be new, innovative, and practical enough that archers everywhere will want to try them. Below is my list of top ten products; my favorite is listed as number 1.

1. My favorite item at the show was an expandable broadhead called Piston Point. Piston Point stood out because of its design. When a bowhunter with an engineering mind decided to build a broadhead, Piston Point was the result. Everything about this broadhead is different. The front tip and the rear cylinder where the blades deploy are connected by a solid piston shaft. When the tip of the broadhead touches its intended target, regardless if it is broadside or quartering shot, the rear cylinder thrusts all of the inertia forward, causing the blades to deploy and lock into position. Unlike other heads that have blades that can flop around, once the blades on the Piston Point have opened, they lock into position creating a 1 ½ inch cutting diameter. In flight, the head acts much like every other expandable head. Once it opens and it locks into position, it acts like a fixed blade. The tip glides smoothly back when it hits a target, so very little energy is used to cause the blades to deploy. After watching it work at the show, I must say that this is the first expandable I would consider taking an elk with. Check it out at pistonpoint.com.

2. Another item that caught my eye was a product made by Pine Ridge Archery Products called the E/Z Up Treestand Pulley System. Every deer hunter knows how frustrating and dangerous it can be to hang a fixed position treestand on your own. This new system makes hanging a treestand safer and easier. The E/Z Up Treestand Pulley System allows you to haul the stand into position from the ground. It will hold the weight for you while you secure the stand’s strap or chain. Installation is quick and easy. Simply attach the E/Z Up Treestand Pulley base to the tree with a single strap. Next, attach the rope to the treestand and pull it up. Finally, secure the rope by tying it off to a nearby tree or other solid location. Now you are ready to secure the stand. See it at www.pineridgearchery.com.

3. Most serious big game hunters own some type of carbon-lined garments like Scent-Lok. Even if they don’t, keeping hunting clothes scent free can be a big challenge. Scent-Tote, a company that makes a tote to store hunting clothes and carbon suits to keep them scent free, has introduced a Scent-Tote duffle bag. The duffle bag comes in a variety of sizes and is lightweight enough that it can be taken anywhere. Thanks to a unique zipper system, the bag locks out foreign odors, keeping garments odor free. The bag and the tote have a unique carbon web that releases carbon into the bag or tote. The carbon web also absorbs odors from garments. Just like carbon suits, the carbon web can be removed from the tote or the bag and reactivated in a household dryer. Scent-Tote helps bring scent elimination to the next level. Check it out at www.scentote.com.

4. Thin is in… at least that’s the new trend in arrows for 2007. One company at the forefront of thin arrow design is Carbon Impact. For 2007, they are offering the all new Hot Shaft. The shaft is a thick-walled, thin-diameter shaft. Thin shafts provide more penetration than larger shafts and cut through the air like a fighter jet, thanks to the thin diameter. Thin diameter shafts are more accurate than their larger cousins, making them the perfect shaft for the guy looking for more accuracy. H.O.T. stands for half out technology. The beefed up half out insert makes aligning your broadhead with your vanes a piece of cake and creates the perfect shaft for the discriminating bowhunter. Take a look at carbonimpact.com.

5. Another neat archery gizmo is the new Thunder Ball Magnetic Nocking System, offering by New Archery Products. NAP is known for their innovative new products and this one is no exception. The nocking system uses magnets that are placed on the string and in the nock of the arrow. The system eliminates string torque and torque caused by leaning cams and nock travel. The magnetic system is easy to set up and solves a problem most archers face at one point or another. Give this new product a try. You will see a difference in your overall accuracy. Go to newarchery.com.

6. If you are color blind or ever had difficulty recovering a game animal, consider Blue-Star Spray. When you are out tracking an animal and are not sure if what you are looking at on the ground is blood or just ground cover that looks like blood, spray it with Blue-Star. If it is blood, it will turn bright blue. We’ve all had trouble at one point or another following a blood trail. With Blue-Star, tracking blood is a problem of the past.




7. Bohning has been in the Archery Industry for over sixty years. Almost every year, they introduce something new and exciting. This year is no exception. 2007’s product is a brand new quiver called the Antler. It has a unique look and a variety of new cool features. The five arrow quiver has a hood design that places arrows in a staggered pattern, forming a quiver head that is shaped like an arrow. It has a Hammer-Lok quick release system that makes attaching your quiver to your bow quick and easy. It also has 2 sound dampening inserts to eliminate the “buzz” that is often associated with a quiver when arrows are shot. The quiver is great because it is extremely light. You hardly notice that it is on your bow. If you are looking for a new quiver different from everything else out there, this is it. Take a look at the new quiver at bohning.com.

8. Trophy Taker is considered one of the top producers of fall away rests. They outdid themselves in 2007. Their new Xtreme FC Fall Away Rest blends the benefits of a fall away rest with a total containment system. Once your arrow is loaded in the rest, it cannot fall out of the containment ring. The rest remains silent through the draw cycle of the arrow. This rest is the perfect rest for someone who gets a little shaky at the moment of truth and doesn’t want to worry about their arrow falling off the rest.

9. Scrape Innovators is offering a new Scrape Making System. This new system will take your mock scrapes to the next level. They are offering a new line of synthetic scents that are made completely from synthetic materials. The advantage of synthetic lures over real urine is they last forever. They never spoil, break down, or get old. Scrape Innovators Scents are always mild so you will never have to worry about your lure scaring off that buck of a lifetime. They also offer a 4-in-1 scrapemaker tool designed to help you make better mock scrapes and rubs. The tool has a fork that rips up dirt, grass, or clay with ease. The fork resembles a hoof of a deer so the scrape looks real. The tool has a jagged edge for making licking branches and a rough edge for making fake rubs on trees. To top it all off, once your scrape is made the tool has a buck print that can be pushed into the dirt to make it look like a real buck has been there. According to testing done by the manufacturer, scrapes with the imprint receive far more activity from real bucks and doe’s than those that don’t have the buck track imprint.

10. Last but not least is a new product called Baitmasters. Ignore the name; it isn’t really a bait. It is a spray that contains a high amount of fat. Deer like acorns and other nuts found in the forest because of their fat content. The spray, which smells like roasted peanuts, can be sprayed on anything in the woods. Deer will put on the brakes as they walk by anything that is sprayed with Baitmasters. Spray the edge of your food plot or branches that are in a shooting lane close to your stand. Wherever you want deer to stop, spray the high fat spray and watch in amazement as the deer stop on a dime and eat whatever you sprayed. It is a great tool to add to your hunting arsenal and it gives deer the fat they need in their diet.


Read the full article on the HuntingNet.com


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Also for Forensic use
For crime investigations, we have developped a special formula : "BLUESTAR® Forensic"

Contrarily to the BlueStar® shown here for hunting purposes, BLUESTAR® Forensic does not destroy DNA. It is available in two versions for crime scene investigators and labs.

BLUESTAR® Forensic


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